Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Oita Center for Nursing Education, Research and Collaboration

The Center for Nursing Education, Research and Collaboration (CNERC) was established in 2004 to play a leading role in the advancement of nursing practice and research in Oita. CNERC has also played a major role in international collaboration and exchange through its cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency in development projects and training programs for nursing education and practice in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Laos. Reflecting emerging issues, CNERC was restructured in 2013 into five divisions and staffed with a full-time professor in order to further promote its original role. 


The main objective of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) Education Promotion Division is to increase the number of nurse practitioner graduate programs in Japan and to promote social activities that lead to the amendment of the Nursing Act. In 2014, the national government introduced a new training system through an amendment of the Nursing Act that allows the accreditation of highly qualified nurses in clinical facilities. CNERC will continue to promote legislation necessary for the further development an expansion of the role of NPs in clinical institutions. 


The purpose of the Community Support and Collaboration Division is to collaborate on research and education with local governments and the Oita Nursing Association and to support nursing research conducted in local hospitals. Upon request, we dispatch instructors to facilities to guide their staff in research. Our statistics and information processing consultation service offers advice on these areas to individual researchers needing research support.


The Continuing Education Division offers continuing education, support and information to the graduates of our Undergraduate School. The division has created an alumni directory system and surveys the employment circumstances of our graduates.


The International Exchange and Foreign Student Division seeks to promote international collaboration and to support students and guests from overseas. It receives nurses and teachers of nursing as trainees at our university. It is also in charge of the admission of foreign students and of our English language university bulletin and website.


The Academic Journal Publication Division publishes the Japanese Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences. The Division is the editorial office of the journal.