Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences









 Faculty Office Building 

 The faculty offices and research laboratories of the various departments on the second and third floors

 were all individually designed according to the type of research that would be conducted in them. The

 view from each is also different. The complete and substantial equipment and ample space of the

 nursing science learning laboratories and health science learning laboratories on the first floor allow

 students to fully practice various nursing activities and conduct health science experiments.

Faculty Office Building  Maternal Nursing/Midwifery Learning Lab  Community Nursing Learning Lab

 Faculty Office Building

 Maternal Nursing/ Midwifery

 Learning Lab

 Community Nursing Learning


Fundamental NursingAdult & Gerontological Nursing Learning Lab

Pediatric Nursing Learning Lab

Health Science Lab

 Fundamental Nursing/ Adult

 & Gerontological Nursing

 Learning Lab

 Pediatric Nursing Learning


 Health Science Lab

D11 Conference Room

Faculty Office & Research Laboratory

Relaxation Space

 D11 Conference Room

 Faculty Office & Research


 Relaxation  Space



 University Library / Cafeteria

 The library has the capacity to hold over 50,000 volumes and is open to the public. This building also

 contains the cafeteria, a media center, and an information-processing classroom with 48 computers for

 learning. College Hall is a spacious open area with a ceiling that rises to the 3rd floor of the building.

University Library / Cafeteria

Library Study Room

 University Library/ Cafeteria


 Study Room

Media Center Information Processing Room Seminar Room

 Media Center

 Information Processing Room

 Seminar Room

College Hall Cafeteria School Store
 College Hall


 School shop



 Lecture Building

 The lecture building houses classrooms and seminar rooms on the second and third floors, and the

 auditorium on the first floor. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 400 people and a 200-inch screen.

 Besides university events, diverse and various programs of education and entertainment such as open

 lectures, symposiums, and concerts can be held here.

Lecture Building

Lecture Room CALL Room

 Lecture Building

 Lecture Room

 CALL Room 

Bulletin Board Auditorium AED

 Bulletin Board


 AED (Automatic External





 Administration Building

 The entrance hall to this building is an open space with a 3-storey high ceiling. It houses the General

 Affairs Office and the Academic and Student Affairs Office, along with the offices of the University

 President, the Graduate School Dean, and the Student Dean. The office of Oita CNERC is also located


Administration Building

Entrance Hall Entrance Waterfall

 Administration Building

 Entrance Hall

 Entrance Waterfall

Administrative Office  Office of the Center for Nursing Education,Research and Collaboration  

 Administrative Offices

 Office of the Oita Center for

 Nursing Education, Research

 and Collaboration

 Building Maintenance Office




 Student Union Building

 The health care center is located here. On the second and third floors there are eight club activity

 rooms, the Student Council Room, a lounge, and a multipurpose room (a traditional Japanese-style

 room used for practicing the Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, and various other activities). The

 fitness-training room on the first floor is fully equipped with the newest training machinery, and can be

 used freely by students, faculty, and staff.

Student UnionBuilding

Health Care Center 1Health Care Center 2 Lounge

 Student Union Building

 Health Care Center


Placement Corner Tea Room Fitness Training Room

 Placement Corner

 Tea Ceremony Room

 Fitness Training Room





 This is a fully complete, fully equipped facility where students can play basketball, volleyball, badminton,

 and many other sports.


Gymnasium in Terrace








 Outdoor Facilities

Athletic Field

TennisCourt Wind Square
Wakaba Square FragranceSquare  Outside Facilities 6
 Outside Facilities 7 Healthy Steps  Outside Facilities 9





 Oita Center for Nursing Education,Research and Collaboration (CNERC)

 CNERC is located next to Oita Prefectural Hospital. Many of CNERC's lectures and seminars for

 nursing professionals are held here.


LectureRoom Library PC

 Oita Center for Nursing

 Education, Research and


 Lecture Room










updated: 01/10/2016