Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Health Promotion Project


Our Health Promotion Project was established in 1999 to develop a prevention system for lifestyle-related diseases and to assist in care prevention in Oita Prefecture. Since its inception, the project has investigated the lifestyle and health history of local citizens and measured their physical fitness in order to identify health problems characteristic to the community. This data was used to develop a new physical fitness test battery suitable for health examinations of the elderly, an ADL-related norm for assessing physical fitness, and a new index of obesity.


In 2001, the project examined the safety and effectiveness of fall prevention programs for the elderly and developed its own program of fall prevention classes. In 2003 and 2004, it developed a personal computer database system for planning health guidance and other health-related activities. Since 2005, the project has collaborated with local governments to develop a health promotion system for Oita prefecture. It has held classes on physical exercise for over 10,000 people and has trained more than 300 local volunteer health promotion leaders. In 2009, the project collaborated with the prefecture to develop a standard manual of health promotion exercises and a physical fitness test battery for the elderly, both of which are now in wide use. In 2010, it investigated the lifestyle, physical fitness, and social network of the citizens of Himeshima Island to identify the cause of their long, healthy lives, with the goal of developing an effective local disease prevention system that can be spread nationally. Since 2012 it has collaborated with the prefecture and community to build forest therapy courses for walking. It has also trained sports emergency nurses, and more than 400 of them have given first aid at sports events in Oita.

updated: 01/10/2016