Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing Science Student

 I am presently in the first year of the doctoral course in our graduate school. Since I entered the Master’s course of this university, my research area has been suicide countermeasures. I have conducted a cross sectional investigation in rural areas with high suicide rates in order to clarify the types of characteristics of those having suicidal wishes. Among the results, it seems that they did not have any advisers around them, so I think this is one of the characteristics of people wish suicidal wishes. Therefore, if there is someone to consult with when contemplating suicide, their possible suicide may be prevented.

 In Japan, many activities have been promoted in order to prevent suicide in the community, such as suicide prevention forums and training for gatekeepers. These programs allow people to think more deeply about suicide and also provide them with acquaintances to consult with. Unfortunately, there are not many researches that refer to the effects of these activities. Therefore, I would like to focus my research efforts on evaluating the effects of suicide countermeasures performed in communities.

Health Science Student

 I have worked at a hospital as a nurse and midwife, and am currently involved in education and research at our university. In my role as an educator of the next generation of clinical nurses, I attempt to communicate the importance of nursing to students from a scientific perspective. In doing so, I am reminded of just how fascinating it is to go beyond the understanding of phenomena and to clarify the essence and mechanism of disease and apply them to nursing care. I have also developed an awareness of the need to scientifically demonstrate the effects of nursing care.

 With this in mind, I enrolled in the health sciences graduate program with its broad selection of human science courses. I aim to improve my skills as a researcher by studying biological aspects and measurement techniques to develop a multifaceted understanding of the human as a subject on both micro and macro levels.

 My current research deals with skin care and skin barrier function in neonates. I am studying ways to provide care with the goal of maintaining healthy skin, which plays a vital role in neonates, such as in adjustment to life outside the uterus and protection of the skin from various external stimuli.

 In the future, I hope to make an active contribution to society through education and research by helping to build essential, quality nursing skills and to foster skilled human resources. I do so in the belief that, as nurses, we should help people to live their lives with dignity and humanity from their first breath until their last.