Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Recurrent Course

 In 2013, the Recurrent Course was established in our Master’s program for working nurses who want to advance their careers without having to relinquish their employment and receive advanced professional education about the latest advances in nursing research and practice, along with training and education on the utilization of research methodology for identifying health issues, gathering evidence and discovering solutions.

 As our society is rapidly changing due to advances in science and technology, globalization and information technology, along with our aging population, new challenges are also arising in health care and the welfare sector. In response to such social changes and the needs of the times, nurses are required to acquire more advanced knowledge and skills and to learn other professional skills in new fields in order to support people to live their lives more fully. Therefore, the Recurrent Master’s Course was established to meet the needs of society by developing human resources who are committed to improving nursing practice and who are interested in social conditions and nursing policy. The course fosters nurses who have a wide range of knowledge that enables them to respond to changes in the environment surrounding health care and welfare, and it provides them with management skills and leadership skills, as well as leadership ability in the workplace.

 The recurrent curriculum offers common nursing lectures as general subjects which provide a wide range of expertise about nursing, an advanced nursing science research lecture to learn about the basis of research and an advanced health informatics lecture to enhance information processing ability. In addition, the curriculum offers three specialized lectures in basic nursing science, clinical nursing science and public health nursing, and students can select the subject content of each discipline. Moreover, students are required to conduct a special research project in order to improve the foundation of their research skills over time and to acquire the ability to explore the challenges and solve the problems facing nursing practitioners by themselves. Each student has a support system of one nursing science faculty member and one health science faculty member to guide them in their research and to encourage them to have a multifaceted and flexible approach to their research.

 Graduates of the Recurrent course are working actively using their expertise in fields like advanced practice nursing, human resource development and nursing management, and they are expected to fulfill the goals of the course by contributing to the development of healthcare, medical care and welfare in the community.