Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences

The 2014 Graduation Theses Presentation Sessions

The fourteenth annual Graduation Theses Research Presentation Sessions for seniors were held at our university on Thursday, December 11 and Friday, December 12, 2014. A total of 82 students made 6 minute Power Point presentations of their research findings followed by a 4 minute period for questions.


At the end of their junior year, each student in our university is affiliated with an academic division and appointed a thesis advisor from the faculty to oversee their research project. During their senior year students are required to do research and write a graduation thesis. After choosing a topic of research in consultation with their advisor, students are given a number of texts to read to acquire a general knowledge of the special field.


As part of the research process, students are required to study original texts in English and seminars are conducted with oral reports and discussions of these readings in their affiliated division.


Finally, students are required to make presentations of their research at the annual graduation thesis presentation where their research is evaluated by the assembled faculty.

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