International Cooperation and Education

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International Cooperation and Education

Contributions to the Development of Nursing in Other Countries

Since its establishment, OUNHS has been committed to contributing to the development of nursing education and nursing practice in developing countries. Through our Oita Center for Nursing Education, Research and Collaboration and our International Exchange Committee (IEC) we have cooperated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency in development projects and training programs in the field of nursing education and practice in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Laos. OUNHS has also dispatched members of our faculty to these countries as short-term experts, and received nurses and teachers of nursing from Uzbekistan, Mozambique, and other countries as trainees at our university. 

Acceptance of Foreign Visitors and Foreign Students

The IEC of OUNHS also accepts and arranges visits of nurses, nursing faculty and nursing students to our university and to local medical and healthcare sites. It is also in charge of the admission of foreign undergraduate students and graduate students to our university and provides a support system for these students during their stay in Oita.