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Academic Facilities: Learning Laboratories & the Library

Fundamental Nursing/ Adult and Gerontological Nursing Learning Laboratory

The lab is used for bedbound nursing simulation and skills practice with actual hospital medical equipment. It contains simulation dolls for practicing injections and intravenous drips. It also includes beds, wheelchairs, CPR dummies and IV pumping devices, along with basic practice equipment. Students can also use it outside of lectures for self-learning nursing skills.

Maternity Nursing/ Midwifery Learning Laboratory

The lab is used for studying maternal nursing and midwifery. It contains equipment for practicing care from assistance at childbirth to the bathing of babies.

Pediatric Nursing/ Nurse Practitioner Learning Laboratory

The lab is used for acquiring the skills necessary for pediatric nursing. It is equipped with infant and children simulation dolls and high-performance simulators. In addition, there is equipment for graduate students of the nurse practitioner course to simulate advanced skills.

Community Health Nursing Learning Laboratory

The lab is for learning home care methods before visiting the homes of the elderly and the homes of those needing home care in the community. It has a fully equipped and functional kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom-shower and toilet so that students can practice in a realistic setting.

Health Sciences Learning Laboratory

The lab is where the health science experiments required for all sophomore students are conducted. The lab is equipped with a full range of the items necessary for scientific experiments.

The Library

The Library is located on campus in a spacious two-story atrium. It has an inventory of approximately 79,475 Japanese language books, 72,246 foreign language books and 7,229 academic journals mainly on nursing, medicine and health. There are also numerous reference materials, dictionaries, white papers, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials. Library users can also access several digital databases.