The Nursing Administration and Recurrent Master's Course

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The Nursing Administration and Recurrent Master’s Course

The Nursing Administration and Recurrent Course is for working nurses to enhance their careers by receiving professional education about the latest advances in nursing administration and practice. It offers advanced training and education on the utilization of research methodology for identifying health issues, gathering evidence and discovering solutions. It provides nurses with a wide range of knowledge to respond to changes in the health and welfare environment, and it equips them with the necessary management ability and leadership skills to be workplace leaders.

The curriculum offers nursing lectures on general subjects to increase nursing expertise; an advanced nursing administration lecture to enhance management and leadership capability; and an advanced nursing science research lecture. There are specialized lectures and seminars on nursing administration, clinical nursing and public health nursing, in which students can select the subject content of each discipline. Students also conduct a special research project over time to acquire the ability to explore and solve challenges and problems facing nurses and to improve their research skills.

Course graduates are employed in fields like advanced practice nursing, nursing administration and human resource development, and they contribute to the development of healthcare, medical care and welfare in the community.