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Update date:2021年3月19日 Page :0000312

The Academic Research Journal Team

The Japanese Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences (JJNHS) was the first open-access journal with peer reviews on nursing science to be established in Japan. It is a refereed journal that promotes excellence in research in nursing sciences and health sciences in order to assist academics, clinical nurses and other allied health professionals. The journal is published three times a year. The editorial committee is comprised of academics and researchers from Japan and abroad. Articles are submitted by e-mail to the journal for review at no charge without any limitation of author qualifications. All published articles are written in either Japanese or English, and JJNHS is highly ranked as a journal on nursing sciences and health sciences in Japan because the contributed articles are up-to-date, international, unique and informative. The journal is freely accessed at the following URL:​<外部リンク>